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The Redtree Hydra uses a cutting edge Zynq dual-core ARM-A9 & FPGA providing you the ideal tradeoff between performance & energy efficiency.

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Input Output

Input / Output

Sensors, motors, actuators & components you select can be added to the Redtree Hydra with up to four modular I/O cards. Only pay for what you use.

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Your robots are always connected with the Redtree Hydra seamless wireless technology. Out of the box you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & optional 4G/LTE.

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Real-time Linux Kernel

Real-time Control

You remain in tight control of events and data generated by components connected to your robot with the Redtree Hydra real-time linux kernel.

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Easy to use Toolchain


You can design, connect and program complex robots without being an expert using the Redtree Hydra and the tools you're used to using.

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Data focused robotics

Real-Time Data

Your robots are always connected to each other and the Internet. All data generated in the robots can be used in other robots, or stored & viewed in real-time.

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Stop re-inventing the wheel. Save time and money with an off-the-shelf platform.

Our platform follows lessons learned in the industrial automation industry. We treat robots that move around like small factories. Factories are controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and we are building the first mobile PLC (mPLC).

Automation inspired mobile robotics

Modular indstrial grade mobile robots

Pay for what you require. Nothing more.

Whether its the hardware, software or data services, we're a big fan of paying for only what you use. Many competitors sell bloated products and charge too much for it. We've structured our pricing so that it's free or very cheap to try features and you only pay for what you require.

Affordably priced to allow you to create.Create the robots from your sci-fi dreams.

We know that robots are expensive to build. We also know that robots work better as a team. Tasks are accomplished faster and more data can be collected with swarms. That's why we've priced our system to encourage the creation of groups of robots.

Affordable swarm robotics out of the box

Enterprise robot running Redtree Hydra

Powerful enough for Enterprise, Easy enough for anyone.

The flexibility and feature set of our system means it can even run military and space robots, but we've designed it so that anyone who can program a phone can program a Redtree Hydra.

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Redtree Hydra

Introducing Redtree Hydra.
The world's first computer platform for mobile robots.

Do you want to be one of the first to start working with Hydra? Tell us what you're working on and we may ship you one of our first systems!


The Team Behind The Redtree Hydra

Tom Hummel

Tom Hummel CEO
PhD Candidate, Eng

Funded by OMAFRA, OCE, Industry. Four years mechanical, software & electrical experience. Hardware Wizard.

Jason Ernst

Jason Ernst CTO
PhD Candidate, CS

First place in CODE 2014 Canada’s Largest Hackathon 930 Participants, 110 apps. More than 20 publications. Wireless & Software Guru.

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